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The Falconer Family Album

The Falconer Family Album

Oamaru, New Zealand

sitter not identified
A cabinet card by Burton Bros, Dunedin

photograph 01
- page 1-

sitter not identified
A cabinet card by C. Martin, Oamaru
photograph 02

identified in 2015 as James Falconer 1845-1918.
- page 2-

H. K. Falconer
Towey Street
A cabinet card by Clifford & Co.
photograph 03
- page 3-

reverse of Clifford & Co. cabinet card
photograph 04 missing
- page 4-

sitter not identified
A cabinet card by J. Norval of Alloa and Dunfermline, Scotland
photograph 05
- page 5-

sitters not identified
A cabinet card by James Norval of Alloa and Dunfermline, Scotland
photograph 06
- page 6-

sitter not identified
A cabinet card by Mahan, Oamaru
photograph 07
- page 7-

sitters not identified
A cabinet card by C. Martin, Oamaru
photograph 08
- page 8-

09. unknown photographer "Grandfather Falconer"
London Portrait Rooms, Dunedin "Grandfather Falconer"
11. Howie Junr, Edinburgh
unknown photographer
-page 9-

13. James Iles, Oamaru
14. photographer not identified, probably James Iles, Oamaru
15. J. G. Tunny, Edinburgh
16. J. Gilchrist, Edinburgh
- page 10-

17. A. Pithie, Alloa
18. J. G. Cumming, Alloa "Thomas Falconer born 5 February 1825"
19. George Shaw, Edinburgh
George Shaw, Edinburgh
- page 11-

21. Alexander Brothers, Glasgow
22. W. K. Munro, Edinburgh
23. M. Cummings, Alloa
24. Mrs J. Cumming, Alloa
- page 12-

25. I. W. Findlow's, Leamington
I. W. Findlow's, Leamington
27. Martin & Lawson, Oamaru
28. C. W. Smartt, Leamington and Stratford on Avon
- page 13-

29. unknown photographer. George Falconer, born 4 April 1827.
30. William Towert, Edinburgh
31. P. F. Patrick, Forfar & Dundee
32. J. Watson, Brisbane
- page 14-

33. Stewart & Co., Melbourne
34. James Sharp, Melbourne
35. Stewart & Co., Melbourne "Anne"
36. Stewart & Co., Melbourne "Marion"
- page 15-

37. Martin & Lawson, Oamaru
38. Martin & Lawson, Oamaru
39. unknown photographer
40. Clifford & Co., Dunedin & Oamaru
- page 16-

41. Robert Mahan, Oamaru
Robert Mahan, Oamaru, "Alexander"
43. Robert Mahan, Oamaru
44. Robert Mahan, Oamaru, "Redpath"
- page 17-

45. Clifford & Morris, Dunedin
46. Charles Martin, Oamaru
Charles Martin, Oamaru
48. Charles Martin, Oamaru
- page 18-

49. London Portrait Rooms, Dunedin
50. Albert Sargeant, Oamaru
51. Charles Martin, Oamaru
Charles Martin, Oamaru
- page 19-

53. London Portrait Rooms, Dunedin

54. London Portrait Rooms, Dunedin
55. Ferrier & Rock, Oamaru  
56. Ferrier & Rock, Oamaru  
- page 20-

57. Ferrier & Rock, Oamaru
58. Ferrier & Rock, Oamaru
59. Ferrier & Rock, Oamaru  
60. Ferrier & Rock, Oamaru 
- page 21-

61. Henderson, Edinburgh. James Falconer born at Edinburgh 26 August 1839. Taken February 1863
62. unknown photographer
unknown photographer
64. Clifford & Co., Dunedin and Oamaru
- page 22-

65. C. Wright, Edinburgh
66. Haden, Birmingham
67. E. Watson, Peebles
68. W. Truefitt
- page 23-

69. Clifford & Morris, Dunedin
70. Albert Lawson, Palmerston, Otago
71. Clifford, Morris & Co., Dunedin
72. Charles Martin, Oamaru
- page 24-

pages 25 to 28 are empty and the cabinet cards missing.

Death of Mr Wm. Falconer.
A sad accident, which resulted in the death of Mr Wm. Falconer, of Endsleigh, took place yesterday morning. Mr Falconer was driving a loaded dray into town, and when in Severn street, the shaft of the dray, which was swaying about, struck him and knocked him against the bank at the roadside. He struggled to regain his feet, but before he could do so the wheel of the dray passed over his body, inflicting such injuries that he died shortly afterwards. Mr J. Greenfield witnessed the accident, and immediately went for Dr Garland, but Mr Falconer was near his end when the doctor arrived. An inquest was held at the Junction Hotel in the afternoon, and particulars of the sad fatality will be found in the report of the proceedings.

Deceased was one of the oldest settlers in the district. Mr Falconer left Glasgow in the Storm Cloud in 1859, and arrived in Dunedin in the early months of 1860. On the l6th of June, 1860, he arrived in Oamaru, and after remaining some weeks in the place went back to Dunedin to procure plant to start in business as a blacksmith.

Mr Falconer in his well written letters to this paper, has described the early days of the settlement of Oamaru, and in following up this description a good insight can be obtained into the character of the work the early settlers had to undertake, and also of the work Mr Falconer himself had to do.

Mr Falconer remained in Oamaru for several years, engaged in the business of a blacksmith. In 1866 he removed to Otepopo, and there he remained for about 9 years, when having accumulated some money at his trade he left Otepopo to take up his farm of Endsleigh.

Mr Falconer was one of the most intelligent settlers in the district. His reading was extensive and varied, and he had a retentive memory, so that events that occurred in the "early days" were always fresh in his memory, and he could give day and date for many of the more prominent occurrences. Mr Roberts' History of Oamaru is enriched with Mr Falconer's account of the early days of the settlement.

Mr Falconer took a keen interest in public affairs, although he never aspired to a higher position than that of a member of a local body. He had been a member of the Oamaru Town Board, captain of the Otepopo Volunteers, a member of the Waiareka Road Board, and chairman of the Waiareka Licensing Committee.

Mr Falconer leaves a widow and 11 children to mourn their loss. One son is at Napier, another at Blenheim, and the other members of the family reside on the farm. There are few but regret the sudden termination to a useful career, and the expressions of sympathy for the bereaved family are wide-spread. Mr Falconer's life has been insured in the Australian Mutual Office for L1,000 for the past 18 years, and the added bonuses bring the amount up to L1,500.
North Otago Times, Volume XXXV, Issue 7135, 12 May 1891, Page 3

William Falconer, born circa 1836 - died 11 May 1891 aged 55 years

Falconer Album
New Zealand Photographs

Overseas Photographs
Scotland, England and Australia

Thomas Falconer - born 5 February 1825




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