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The first photograph in the album.
Not identified - this may be Charlton Simon Fraser, born 19 April 1852 Smyrna, Turkey - died 17 November 1939 Timaru, New Zealand. He married on 6 February 1879 Timaru, New Zealand to Mary Ann Wright.


Not identified


Francis Werry (c.1744 - 7 July1832)

Golfe De Smyrne, Vue Générale De Kara Tach et De Gioz-Tépé

Turkey. Original wood engraving drawn by Taylor, engraved by Hildibrand. 1884.

WERRY, Francis, Esq., late his Britannic Majesty's Consul at Smyrna; 7 July 1832; at Boudgea, near Smyrna; after a few days' illness; in his 88th year.

Mr. Werry in the first American war commanded armed letters of marque; and in 1779 was appointed, by the Reprisal Association of the city of London, to the command of the private ship of war King George, when on the 2d of August, 1779, he fell in with the French frigate La Concorde, and after a severe and obstinate resistance of near two hours, the King George had forty-two men killed and wounded; and on a Spanish ship of the line bearing down, she was
obliged to surrender to her opponent, which was four times her size and weight of metal, and had double her number of men.

He afterwards served his country thirty-four years as Consul at Smyrna. He discharged his magisterial and judicial duties (attributes peculiarly
appertaining to the Consuls in the Levant) with independence and uprightness, to the satisfaction of his superiors and of the public; and in all the events during the French revolutionary war, and the critical position of Smyrna in 1797, and during the insurrection of the Greeks, he rendered essential service to His Majesty's subjects, to the Europeans in general, and to the Christian population of Smyrna. By his firmness and experience, and his personal influence in treating with the chiefs of the local government during the power of the Janissaries, he more than once prevented the European quarter of the town being a scene of fire and bloodshed. During the successive rapid military, naval, and political events in the Mediterranean and Levant, from the commencement of the war with France to the close of the same (1814), the various political intelligence which he caused to be conveyed to the Admirals Earl St. Vincent, Lord Nelson, Lord Keith, Sir Sidney Smith, and Lord Collingwood, and to His Majesty's respective Ambassadors residing at the Porte, was highly valued by them, proof of which is to be seen in their autograph letters to him. For this long course of zealous and faithful service to his country, His Majesty George IV was graciously pleased to grant him a retiring pension equal to his full salary.
The Annual Biography and Obituary 1832

A Street in Smyrna, Turkey. Original steel engraving drawn by T. Allom, engraved by T. Higham. ca 1840

Smyrna 1850

Smyrna about 1900

Note: images of Smyrna are not from the album.


John Fraser, HM Consul for Japan and China.
born 1 March 1828 Calcutta, India - died 18 April 1867 Marseilles, France.
Married Elmira (Almeria) Jane Werry, 3 May 1849 Boudja, Turkey.


Mama AD 1868
Elmira (Almeria) Jane Fraser nee Werry
born 29 August 1830 Smyrna - died 19 December 1917 Weybridge, Surrey, UK.
Married John Fraser 3 May 1849, Boudja, Turkey.


General and Mrs Home
(inscription on album page under the photograph - "Aunt Fanny & Uncle Richard General Home")

Major-General (East India Service) Richard Home was born in London about 1789, his wife Frances Sophia Home nee Fraser was born in London about 1807. The 1861 census shows them living at 8 Vernon Terrace, Brighton with two children Jane B. Home born 1848 in France and Agusta A. Home born 1850 in India. The household also included his niece Catherine C. Jervis (born 1826 in India) and two servants.


actress Mary Frances Scott-Siddons
Mary Frances Scott SIDDONS (1844-1890) m. 1862 Thomas Scott CHANTER RN


Frances Isabella Fraser
born 2 February 1858 Boudja, Turkey the daughter of Elmina and John Fraser.
Inscription on album page under the photograph is "Francie"


Olivia Harriet Fraser 1876
Olivia Harriet Rattray nee Fraser was born 9 May 1856 in Turkey and died 27 Jul 1888 in St Paul, Minnesota a week after giving birth to her second child. (thanks to Kathy Rattray Labus for this information)


Hanson Fraser was born on 8 May 1850 in Smyrna, Turkey, the son of John Fraser and Elmira Fraser nee Werry. The 1881 census shows him living at 40 ... Road in Hammersmith, London with his mother Elmira J. Fraser nee Werry. He was a clerk in the Foreign Office and died on 19 November 1929 in Weybridge, Surrey, aged 79 years. (reg Dec 1929 Chertsey 2a 95)


Oswald John Fraser was born on 29 Apr 1855 in Smyrna, Turkey the son of John Fraser and Elmira Fraser nee Werry. He married in Kensington, London to Rosa Mary Beale on 12 May 1877 the daughter of Thomas Miles Beale (surgeon FRCS). A son John Hugh Ronald Fraser was born in 1878. The 1881 census shows him living at 10 Hillsborough Vil, London. He was aged 26 years and employeed as a broker at the stock exchange. His wife Rosa M. Fraser aged 22 years and son John H. R. Fraser aged 3 years are also shown at this address.

Free BDM Marriages - June 1877 Kensington 1a 177.
Free BDM Births - June 1878 Kensington 1a 14.
1871 census - for Beale family.
1881 census.


Grandpapa Werry
John Joseph Augustus Werry (merchant) was born on 11 April 1797 the son of Francis Werry (British Consul at Smyrna) and Elisabeth Werry nee Disney. He married Henriëtte (Harriet) Catherine Dutilh on 12 November 1823 at Smyrna, Turkey. He died on 10 June 1871.


Grandmama Werry nee Dutilh
Henriëtte (Harriet) Catherine Werry nee Dutilh
born 7 Nov. 1799 Smyrna - died 4 September 1874 Smyrna
Her parents were Jean Jacques Dutilh and Elizabeth Boddington. The Dutilh family was from Holland. She married on 12 November 1823 at Smyrna to John Joseph Augustus Werry.

(thanks to Kathy Rattray Labus and Chris Dutilh for this information)


Uncle Charles


Mrs Richard Home
(inscription on album page under the photograph - "Aunt Fanny")


April 1872
Inscription on album page under the photograph - "Johny Mabel Jessie" and one illegible name.

John Augustus Fraser born 13 August 1865 Tonbridge, Kent - died 20 November 1941 Hastings, New Zealand. Married Helen Wright circa 1890, Timaru, New Zealand.

Mabel Catherine Fraser born 29 December 1861 Smyrna, Boudja, Turkey - died 23 October 1950 Tonbridge, Kent, UK.

Jessie Malvina Fraser born 17 Jun 1864 Smyrna, Boudja, Turkey - died 14 November 1937 Bembridge, Isle of Wight.

Winifred May Fraser born 14 April 1863 Smyrna, Boudja, Turkey - died 7 April 1941 London. Married 21 January 1884 Hong Kong, George Macdonald Home Playfair the son of George R. Playfair.


April 1872

Olivia Harriet Fraser was born 9 May 1856 in Turkey and died 27 Jul 1888 in St Paul, Minnesota a week after giving birth to her second child. She married District of St. Mary, Burgh of Dundee, Scotland 30 July 1883 Clement David Rattray the son of David Rattray and Adelina Perchard.

Frances Isabella Fraser was born 2 February 1858 Boudja, Turkey.

Elmira Fraser nee Werry born circa 1830 Smyrne, Turkey - died 1917 aged 87 (reg. Dec 1917 Chertsey 2a 112)

Eva Augusta Fraser was born 29 Oct 1853 Smyrne, Boudja, Turkey and died 22 November 1906 Weybridge, Surrey, UK.

thanks to Kathy Rattray Labus and Chris Dulith for this information


Uncle Barnes
Dr. Barnes Wood was baptised in Bradford on 21 March 1827 the son of William and Harriott Wood. He married Olivia Augusta Werry (born c. 1837). The 1871 census shows him at Burrow Cottage, Lancashire aged 43, his occuption is shown as physician and landowner. His wife Olivia Augusta aged 35 and three servant are also shown. He died about 1901 aged 73 years.


Aunt Olivia 1873
Olivia Augusta Werry was born in Smyrna, Turkey about 1837, she was married to Dr. Barnes Wood.


Uncle Simon J. G. Fraser
Simon James Gordon Fraser was born in Calcutta about 1826.
1851 census- lodger at 6 Northumberland Street, London, unmarried aged 26. His occuption was Curate of St Martin in the Fields.
1861 census - lodger at in Wolwerhampton Road, Stafford, unmarried aged 36 year. His occuption was H M Assistant Inspector of Schools, Education Department.
He married in 1862 to Marian Worsley Colvin - refer Free BDM June 1862 Brighton 2b 290. She died in 1869 aged 28 years - refer Free BDM Dec 1869 Basingstoke 2c 121.
1871 census - widower living at The Beamleys, Basingstoke aged 46. His occuption was H.M. Inspector of Schools. His two sons Walter S. Fraser aged 6 and Gordon C. Fraser aged 4 and nephew Charlton S Fraser aged 18 where also living at the same address. Charlton Fraser was employed as a clerk to a tea broker. Servants were two Governesses, a cook/housekeeper, a nurse, two housemaids, a kitchenmaid and a footman.
1881 census - widower aged 56 living at 68 Talbot Road, Paddington. His occuption was Clerk in Holy Orders, Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools. His son Walter Simon Fraser aged 16 and neice Eva Augusta Fraser aged 27 were also living at this address.
1891 census - widower aged 66 at visitor a the Hotel Metropole, Kings Road, Brighton. His occuption was clerk in Holy Orders. Living here also was Gordon C. Fraser aged 24 a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Rose M. Fraser aged 32, John H. Fraser aged 13 and Ethel L. Fraser aged 9.
1901 census - widower aged 76 living at Kings Road, Brighton. His occuption was Clergyman, Church of England.


Aunt May - Marion Worsley Colvin

Marion Worsley Colvin was born in India on 29 September 1841 the daughter of John Russell Colvin (1807-1857) by his wife Emma Sophia, daughter of Wetenhall Sneyd, vicar of Newchurch, Isle of Wight.

Her father was lieutenant-governor of the North-West Provinces of British India during the mutiny of 1857. Her brother was Sir Auckland Colvin (1838-1908). Other brothers included Bazett Wetenhall Colvin, Elliott Graham Colvin, and Sir Walter Mytton Colvin, all passed distinguished careers in India, and a fifth brother, Clement Sneyd Colvin, C.S.I., was secretary of the public works department of the India Office in London.

The 1851 census shows her living at Bramleys in Basingstoke with her sister Emma Colvin aged 11 years, a Governess Augusta Rolfe and other servants.
Refer IGI, Wiki and 1851 census.


J A Fraser

Possiblity John Augustus Fraser born in Tunbridge, Kent about 1865, the son of John Fraser and Elmira Fraser nee Werry.


Gordon Colquhoun Fraser (1866-1952) Captain R.N., the son of Simon James Gordon Fraser and Marian Worsley Fraser he was baptised at Castle Church, Stafford on 14 October 1866. (refer IGI) The National Maritime Museum has his journal dated 1901.