Sunday, October 5, 2008


Aunt Harriet
Harriet Catherine Werry, born on 2 January 1829 Smyrna, Turkey.
The 1881 census shows her as a visitor at the house of Harry George, 6 Church Street, Liscard, Cheshire. She was unmarried and aged 52 years.
She died on 28 Jan 1884 at West Kensington Park, Middlesex, England aged 56 years, the death was registered in Fulham - March quarter 1884 vol. 1a page 153.

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  1. This is probably Harriet Catherine Werry, b1829, Elmira Werry's elder sister and therefore aunt of Charlton Fraser. She was the second daughter of John Joseph Augustus Werry and Harriet Catherine Dutilh.