Sunday, October 5, 2008


Aunt May - Marion Worsley Colvin

Marion Worsley Colvin was born in India on 29 September 1841 the daughter of John Russell Colvin (1807-1857) by his wife Emma Sophia, daughter of Wetenhall Sneyd, vicar of Newchurch, Isle of Wight.

Her father was lieutenant-governor of the North-West Provinces of British India during the mutiny of 1857. Her brother was Sir Auckland Colvin (1838-1908). Other brothers included Bazett Wetenhall Colvin, Elliott Graham Colvin, and Sir Walter Mytton Colvin, all passed distinguished careers in India, and a fifth brother, Clement Sneyd Colvin, C.S.I., was secretary of the public works department of the India Office in London.

The 1851 census shows her living at Bramleys in Basingstoke with her sister Emma Colvin aged 11 years, a Governess Augusta Rolfe and other servants.
Refer IGI, Wiki and 1851 census.

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