Friday, January 7, 2011


Photogravure Reproductions

from the
British Photographic Almanac 1960
(Under the Copyright Act of 1911 copyright in photographs lasts for 50 years from the making of the original negative)

Portrait of a Seal
N. L. Murphy

Flug ums Leben
Otto Daettwyler

E. L. Steiner

Oracion en el Reflectorio
J. Ortiz Echague

Morning Brillance
J. T. Salmon
(New Zealand)

Three Faces of Alison
J. S. Lewinski

Burning Grass
Yan Fook-Leun

Passing the Shade
Tan Boon-Yean

The Straw Hat
Margaret F. Harker

Dance Theme
D. S. Herbert

A Sly Sip
Dr. F. Neubert

E. L. Steiner

Something in the City
H. A. Murch

Miss Gloria Davy
R. Gordon Wilson

Two Different Worlds
Karl Pollak

Rowing On
Lai Siew Ming

In Coffee Bar
W. Marynowicz

Alter Ego
J. S. Lewinski

Miguel Carlos Victorica
Alejandro Wolk

Dr. and Mrs Ralph Vaughan Williams
Erich Auerbach

Im Gleichem Schritt
Leopold Fischer

Warn Signal
Heinrich Stanek

Money Dance
K. F. Wong

Street Market
Lee Sow-Lim

Castle Coombe
G. L. Hawkins

Sorela Neve
Piero Vistali

Venetian Highway
D. F. Valdes

On the Stage
Seck-On Lee
(Hong Kong)

P. R. S. Wilkinson

Benu Sen

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