Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Photogravure Reproductions
from the
British Photographic Almanac 1952
(Under the Copyright Act of 1911 copyright in photographs lasts for 50 years from the making of the original negative)

Barnet Saidman

The Equestrienne
Vincent M. Hill
(Suton Coldfield)

G. E. Russell

Hands of Henry VII, Westminster Abbey
Helmut Gernsheim

A Maid in the Reading Chamber
Francis Wu
(Hong Kong)

Out of Chaos
H. R. Thornton

National Costume of Dalmatia
Oto Hohnjec

Frank J. Heller

Sombre Dimanche
Andre Coquelin

Rain on the Square
Vincenzo Balocchi

Alicia Markova, Dying Swan
Gilbert Adams

Fairy Gold
Yu Chiu Cheung
(Hong Kong)

European Worker
Julian Sheppard

Preludio Orientale
B. M. Acosta
(Saranac Lake)

Fishful Thinking
Grant M. Haist

The Corset
Jack Howard
(Los Angeles)

Breaking Point
Mrs. Ann-Marie Gripman

Fireside Beauty
Karel Jan Hora

Pool of London
H. A. Murch

Festival Lanterns
E. Heimann
Sylvia Hannah

S. K. Chan

Junk Repair
Fu Cho Yau
(Hong Kong)

The Pearls
Walter Bird

Shaving Cream
Bernard Alfieri

One, Two ... Buckle My Shoe
Stuart Black

Eilean Donan
E. Chambre Hardman

Alpine Vista
H. M. Dodimead

In a Chinese Foundry
Tom Chan
(Hong Kong)

no title
Roy Round

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