Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ferranti, C.

C. Ferranti
Photographic and Art Studio
Havelock Buildings
Bold Street

Honoured with commissions from The Queen and Royal Family. First prize for best life size portraits, Photographic Society of Great Britain. Royal Letters Patent for improvement in the artistic treatment of photographs.

Cesar Ferranti, was active in Liverpool into the 1880s and has been noted as both French and Italian. One notation identifies him as a French photographer and painter named Caesar while another credits him as Italian with the name Cesar and as father of noted electrical engineer and inventor Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti. Both notations agree that Cesar’s/Caesar’s wife was Juliana (Scott) Ziani Ferranti, concert pianist. (from an Ebay posting)

 Arthur Sherwood Thew
2 March 1874

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