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A collection of Military Photographs

Further information about the people shown in these photographs is welcome.

Wolfe Keogh
64th Regiment
Malta 1870

John Woulfe Keogh (not Wolfe)
64th (The 2nd Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot.
Ensign 22 February 1861, Lieutenant 3 May 1864

Captain Valentine
109th Regiment

Major Edward Valentine
109th Regiment (Bombay Infantry)
Captain 30 July 1862, Major 27 November 1865.
Major Valentine entered the Austrian service in 1849 and was present at the battles of Mortara and Novara. Commanded a party of 300 men 109th Regt. in the expedition from Aden against the Foodlee Arab tribe in 1865-66, and was present at the action of Dhurrab (mentioned in dispatches).

Lieutenant St. John E. Daubeny
109th Regiment
St. John Edward Daubeny
109th Regiment (Bombay Infantry)
Ensign 11 June 1859, Lieutenant 19 August 1861, Captain 25 December 1867.

Alexander Atkinson

Alexander Henry Atkinson
55th (The Westmoreland) Regiment of Foot
Ensign 15 June 1866.

T. B. Graves
23rd R. W. F.
Malta 1870
Lieutenant Thomas Bayley Graves
23rd (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot

Ensign 21 November 1862, Lieutenant 26 January 1866

William Augustus Frederick Blakeney (c.1844 -1887), Lord Charles Robert Pratt and James Johnstone.

Ship Street Barracks, Dublin - August 1865

R. A.
Malta 1870

(above and below)
Walter Ellis

48th Regiment
Walter Treslove Ellis
48th (The Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot
Ensign 21 November 1862, Lieutenant 6 March 1867

Captain Murphy
27th Regiment

(note - small dog also pictured)

Francis Eastwood Murphy - 27th (or Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot
Ensign 12 March 1852, Lieutenant 26 May 1854, Captain 25 January 1859, Major 13 February 1867.

On the 4th Aug., at Nyneethal, East Indies, Captain Francis Eastwood Murphy, 27th Inniskillings, to Ismena Amy Burney Barlow, youngest daughter of the late Major C. Barlow.
The Times, Tuesday, Oct 09, 1866; pg. 1; Issue 25624; col A.

Regiment was stationed as follows:

1851 - 52 Dublin
1853 Enniskillen
1854 Dublin, Cork
1855 - 67 India
1868 Dover, Chatham
1870 - 71 Colchester
1872 Gosport
1873 Curragh Camp, Dublin
1874 - 76 Londonderry & Enniskillen
1877 - 78 Malta
1879 - 81 Hong Kong
1882 - 85 Singapore, Straits Settlements

Captain Trent
48th Regiment
Francis Constantine Trent
48th (The Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot
Captain Trent served in the Crimea from 21st April 1855, including the siege and fall of Sevastopol - wounded on 4th June (Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal).
The New Annual Army List, Militia List, and Yeomanry Cavalry List - 1869.

Captain Brown
57th Regiment

Captain Lovett
48th Regiment

Frederick Percy Ryland
48th (The Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot
(Lost at Sea)

27th Regiment

James Sparrow Mordaunt 1864
born 14 Nov 1843, died 19 Dec 1927
He was the son of Captain John Mordaunt and Harriet Maria Cumberlege. He married Harriet Theresa Gibbs, the daughter of Reverend Joseph Gibbs and Emily Vaughan, on 7 November 1872.

109th Regiment (Bombay Infantry)
Lieut. Mordaunt served in Arabia in 1865-66, and was present at the action of Bir Said and subsequent operations in the interior.
The New Annual Army List and Militia List - 1867

Captain Thomas William John Lloyd
57th (The West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot

Captain Lloyd - gunshot wound chest, abdomen, pelvis, shoulder, thigh, fractured femur; tomahawk wound calf; decapitated.

Sergeant-Major E. Bezar, ex 57th Regiment, supplies the following account of the discovery of the bodies of Captain Lloyd and the men killed by the Maoris in the ambuscade at Te Ahuahu, Taranaki, which marked the beginning of the Hauhau wars:—

“On the 6th April, 1864, when the news of the slaughter of Captain Lloyd and his men reached us in New Plymouth, my company of the 57th Regiment was immediately ordered to parade and march out to Oakura and Te Ahuahu to the relief, although, of course, relief was then too late. Towards evening, when we reached the place after a hasty and tiring march, I had charge of the advance-guard of six men. When we came up to the party awaiting us near the scene of the surprise I halted the guard. Colonel Warre said, ‘Move on, sergeant, but look out.’ Hemi, the half-caste guide, was told off to accompany me. Our advance to the spur of the hill where the disaster occurred was from 200 to 300 yards, through high fern. The Maoris, we found, had a very cunningly contrived trench extending up the whole slope, and they were able thus to move up and down the hill quite unseen from the flat and the road. The trench ran out on the level ground a few yards, and the earth thrown out there formed a rise of several feet. On ascending this and looking into the trench I saw the headless body of Captain Lloyd lying there. I waved my arms for the others to come on, and called for a dray to be sent up. The other bodies, all decapitated, were then discovered.”

Title: The New Zealand Wars: A History of the Maori Campaigns and the Pioneering Period: Volume II: The Hauhau Wars, 1864–72

Author: James Cowan, F.R.G.S.

Publication details: R. E. Owen, 1956, Wellington
© 2008 Victoria University of Wellington.

Captain Frederick Spencer Schomberg
57th (The West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot
born about 1837 London - died 1899

Served in the Crimea in 1855, including the siege and fall of Sevastopol and attack of the Redan on the 8th Sept; also bombardment and capture of Kinbourn (Medal with Clasp and Turkish Medal). Served in the New Zealand war in 1864, including the assault and capture of Ahu Ahu and Kaitahe.

Hart's annual Army list, Militia list, and Imperial Yeomanry list

Major Frederick Spencer Schomberg, died June 18th, 1899, aged 62. Buried at Seend. Eldest son of the late Mr. Schomberg, of Seend, Wiltshire. Joined 57th Regiment in the Crimea; took an active part in the Maori War, in New Zealand. Retired with brevet rank of Major.

Lord Charles Robert Pratt
52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)
born 31 July 1847 - died 8 August 1905 aged 58.

The son of George Charles Pratt, 2nd Marquess Camden and Harriet Murray.

Obituary - Lord Charles Robert Pratt, retired lieutenant-colonel of the Oxfordshire Light Infantry, uncle of Lord Camden, died on Tuesday (8 August 1905) after undergoing an operation on Monday for a serious internal complaint. He was staying at the Grove, near Sevenoaks, the residence of his sisters. Lord Charles Pratt was born in 1847, and married, in 1881, Florence Maria, daughter of Major G. R. Stevenson. He leaves issue twin sons and a daughter.
The Times, Thursday, Aug 10, 1905; pg. 6; Issue 37782; col D.

Lieutenant Moutray Vance Hornidge
57th (The West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot -1865
born 28 April 1845 - died 17 September 1917
son of Robert Hornidge and Sophia Moutray.

Under Royal Licence assumed the name and arms of Gledstanes, Oct. 3, 1871.

Richard Maximilian Pulteney
52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)
Malta 1871

James Johnstone
52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)

Maurice Berkeley

Charles Montagu Berkeley

Dickerson (?)
24th Regiment

Margaret (nee Berkeley)

Stuart Berkeley

R. M.

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