Monday, April 1, 2013


The British Journal
Photographic Almanic 1950

Marcus Adams (London) "A Penny for Your Thoughts."

Donald Herbert (Weymouth) Soft Beauty.

W. Robson (Liverpool) "The Sleeping Princess" International Ballet.

Leung Key (Hong Kong) Peace and Solitude.

Harold White (West Wickham) Crystal Jug.

Frank Harris (Manchester) Might We Have Silence.

E. Gordon Barber (Harrow) Brother Ass.

A. Shaikhet (Russia) On the Victory March.

Bernard Langridge (London) February Morning.

K. W. Shanks (Newcastle­upon-Tyne) Monday Morning.

E. Heimann (London) Theme on Paganini.

Adolf Morath (Liverpool) Miss Mollie Garland in her Studio.

Dolce L. Rowan (Bonchurch, LW.) Spring Ballet.

W. K. Chadburn (Birmingham) Autumn Poem.

Camille Petry (Brussels) La Route est Longue.

Francis Wu (Hong Kong) The Rosary.

Walter Nurnberg (London) Cornish Fisherman.

Roy Hudson (St. Leonards) The Author, Jeffrey Farnol.

Trond Hedstrom (Helsingfors) A Charming Smile.

T. E. Pratt (London) Marjory.

Walter Bird (London) Joseph Cotten in "Under Capricorn."

F. Reece Winstone (Bristol) Tired, Pal?

B. Alfieri (Surbiton) Hands of the Craftsman.

Ernest E. Telfer (Enfield) The Look-out.

Nettie M. Moon (Mitcham) Her Highness The Nabagereka of Buganda.

G. Geeven (Dordrecht) Blanka.

R. N. Haile (Bognor Regis) Having Fun.

J. Hector Woods (Darwen) Nil Desperandum.

George J. Hughes (Bridge of Allan) Art Gallery, Perth.

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