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April 1872

Olivia Harriet Fraser was born 9 May 1856 in Turkey and died 27 Jul 1888 in St Paul, Minnesota a week after giving birth to her second child. She married District of St. Mary, Burgh of Dundee, Scotland 30 July 1883 Clement David Rattray the son of David Rattray and Adelina Perchard.

Frances Isabella Fraser was born 2 February 1858 Boudja, Turkey.

Elmira Fraser nee Werry born circa 1830 Smyrne, Turkey - died 1917 aged 87 (reg. Dec 1917 Chertsey 2a 112)

Eva Augusta Fraser was born 29 Oct 1853 Smyrne, Boudja, Turkey and died 22 November 1906 Weybridge, Surrey, UK.

thanks to Kathy Rattray Labus and Chris Dulith for this information

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  1. Frances Fraser was a music teacher who formed a close friendship with another music teacher, Edward Taylor, previously professor of music and lay vicar of Salisbury Cathedral. Despite the fact that Edward was married to Bessie Hart and had five children by her, Frances (calling herself Mrs Farrer) became Edward's mistress and in 1888 May Farrer was born, followed in 1890 by John Oswald, and 1892 by Wilfred. A fourth child, Winifred, died in infancy. All the ‘Farrer’ children were born in Fulham, Chelsea, 3 miles away from Edward's other family, and Edward appears twice in the 1891 census, as both Taylor and Farrer!
    In 1906,a year after Bessie died, Frances married Edward but they continued to use the name of Farrer.

    May died tragically, but John Oswald Farrer has many descendants in the UK, and Wilfred Farrer has many in the USA.