Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Living Portrait

The "Living Portrait" frame consists of two cards 100mm x 124mm, the top card has a hole in the center measuring 43mm x 57mm through which the image is viewed. Printed on the top card are the words "LIVING PORTRAIT" and blind stamped with "GLIDE TOP CARD SLOWLY TO RIGHT OR LEFT". The cards are joined down the left and right edges and open along the top and bottom edges. The reverse has the penciled number "1172".

The portrait measures 61mm x 70mm with a strips of paper 6mm wide down the left and right edges. This would have fixed the photograph to the backing card; the remainder of the paper strips can be seen inside the card. The reverse of the image has the penciled number "1172" corresponding to the number on the reverse of the card.

above: detail of the face

above: detail of the bow tie.

Inserted into the card on top of the photograph is this cellulose slide measuring 61mm x 63mm. The left side has a paper strip 10mm long the edge and the right a 7mm strip.

The cellulose slide has 140 black stripes alternating with clear stripes through which the image can be viewed. Down the left side 12 of these black stripes are covered with the paper strip and 15 on the right side.

below: moving the cellulose slide to the left and right moves the clear strips over the image revealing different parts of the image and hiding other parts.

The reverse of the card shows part of a post office canceling stamp. This card appears to have been posted in an envelope, the letters "NZ " can faintly be made out, but not the date of posting.

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